Cloud Security

Cloud computing is the development of parallel computing, distributed computing and virtualization technologies that symbolize the new era. This technology is a popular technology with flexible, cost-effective and configurable computing resources that build on the internet infrastructure on demand and provide software, application, business and consumer information technology (IT) services over the cloud. Due to the flexible infrastructure of cloud computing, its network-centric approach and its ease of access, it is increasingly used by many small, medium and large-scale organizations. However, new concepts brought by cloud computing such as multi-tenancy, resource sharing and outsourcing, data and service procurement from a third party bring some security risks. Overcoming these challenges requires proposing new security policies, models and protocols to address cloud security challenges, along with the ability to develop and adjust security measures developed for traditional computing systems.

As Cloadrian, we provide the following services for reliable cloud infrastructure.

  • DevSecOps
  • Microservices Security
  • Cloud Infrastracture Security
  • Training & Workshop